NOKIA 6 2018

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NOKIA 6 2018

NOKIA 6 2018

NOKIA is back. Actually, it came back last year. But it was only for China because it launched Nokia 6 in our neighboring country. Nokia 6 has finally arrived Amazon since August 23 and is going on sale via India. The return of the iconic company in the smartphone market has solved a strong focus on three major factors – nostalgja, stock Android and build quality and design. HMD Global, which is a phone maker company, including the latest phone under Nokia Nokia, is hopeful that these three features are enough to help NOKIA 6 compete with devices such as Moto G5 Plus and Sheomi Redmi Note 4.

NOKIA 6 has the mountain load of expectations of riding on your shoulders. However, Nokia had first arrived in India in June 3. And then a few weeks ago, Nokia 5 went on sale in the offline store. But Nokia 6 is still the flag player. This “premium” is Nokia phone, in which a company has put its heart and soul. Millions of Nokia fans and loyalists have been waiting for their beloved company to return to the smartphone game over the years and now this day has finally arrived, they want to know whether NOKIA 6 is worth all the expectations and publicity.

NOKIA 3 was accompanied by a solid design with excellent manufacturing quality with unpredictable smartphones and performance problems. 
NOKIA 6, however, comes with a more spherical space sheet and a design that will win the heart of the most enthusiastic Nokia Niissair. So, what smartphone is worth buying? Let’s find out:

Nokia phones in the past were always known for their stellar designs and HMD Global has performed very well to continue the proud tradition. NOKIA 6 is just very gorgeous. This is definitely the best-looking and best-built phone with less than Rs 15,000. In fact, it has been better seen and improved than many phones with two times more cost. From a block of aluminum, the smartphone looks pretty classy, ​​its beautiful integrated antenna lines, micro-Nokia branding, chambered edges and a little curved back.

Nokia 6 is undoubtedly the best-looking smartphone in its price range. There is an air of elegance around it – there is no dirty finish, no hard pain jobs. Just precise mild metal, communication with adequate upliftment to make it look excellent.

The quality of construction is also exceptional. The popular Internet meme says that the old Nokia 3310 is more durable than the military tanks. Well, HMD Global has definitely said it while designing NOKIA 6. It feels unquestionably solid in hand without being too heavy or flickering. There are absolutely no creaks or rattles – it really seems like it’s made like a tank, a beautiful and well-polished tank.

The NOKIA 6 comes with a full HD resolution and a large 5.5 inch display with a 16: 9 aspect ratio. Let’s get out of the worst things first. Although the smartphone has a 450-night display, the maximum brightness is not enough to deal with the bright sunlight of Delhi. Good quality polarization filters make that somewhat and make the display readable in sunlight, but high brightness is ideal.

NOKIA 6 has a 3,000 mAh battery that provides quite decent battery life. At that time I used the smartphone as my daily driver, the phone did not leave me once before coming inside the night. Since my use case is very fast, medium use can also bring you a bit better battery life.

NOKIA 6 2018

Nokia 6 is a very solid offer from HMD Global. This is not a game changer nor is it the best smartphone in its price range. This is the best, but there are phones that match it. It suffers from some performance issues, the back is very prone to scratches and the previous camera fights in low light.

NOKIA 6 is not a revolutionary phone but it does not have to be one. This is a very solid and trustworthy return from Nokia, what stands for the brand – Easy to use, promotes quality design and quality and support. For now, this is enough. However, next time I hope Nokia will push itself a bit more.

However, NOKIA 6 is an attractive composite package. It looks amazing, has been built like a tank, it has fluid software without arbitrary thing, bloat and frills, and most importantly, brands like Nokia come with a trust.
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