State government announces unlock-4 guideline

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Delhi: The Gujarat government on Tuesday evening released guidelines for Unlock-4.  This guideline will be in force till September 30.  Under this, the shops will be open without any time restriction from today, the time limit for shops in Unlock 3 was kept till 9 o’clock.  There is also news of relief for hotels and restaurants.  Will now be open until 11 at night instead of 10.  Park – Garden has now been decided to open.  The library will open with 60 per cent capacity and ST private bus-cab service is also allowed to run with 50 per cent capacity.  100 people can join the programs On March 22, when the public curfew was imposed, state governments across the country banned religious, cultural, educational, sports, entertainment and political programs.
They are now allowed to resume from 21 September.  Open air theaters for this will also open from September 21, but there are certain conditions for such events.  No more than 100 people will be able to gather at such gatherings, masks will be required for those who gather, where such events are taking place, it is necessary to take steps for social distance.  Where there will be applications, it will be necessary to provide thermal screening and hand sanitizer or handwashing facilities.  Schools and colleges will be closed, the 21st Century Exemption Guide states that schools, colleges, educational and coaching institutions will be closed until September 30th.  However, in some cases a slight waiver has been granted since September 21st.  For example, 50% of teaching and non-teaching staff can be called to schools for online coaching and tele-counseling.  Children from 9 to 12 will be able to go to school as they wish to get guidance from teachers.  For this, they must seek written approval from their parents or guardians.  National Skills Training Institutions,Training can be imparted in Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) and short term training centers.  Higher education institutions offer only Ph.D.  Will be open to researchers doing.  – Post graduate students of technical and vocational courses who need laboratory use or practical work will be able to go to college.  Online learning and distance learning will continue. So many places will be closed. Multiplexes, cinema halls, swimming pools, amusement parks will be closed.  Regular passenger train services will be closed.  Only selected trains are running.  International flights will be closed.  Currently, only Vande Bharat Mission flights are being operated.  Lockdowns cannot be declared in areas other than the content zone without the advice of the State Government Center.
Instructions to strictly follow the rules The lockdown in the containment zone will be strictly enforced till September 30.  People everywhere have to keep a social distance, people over 65, children under 10, pregnant women, people struggling with other fatal diseases are advised not to leave the house unless needed.  There are instructions encouraging the use of the Health Bridge app.  There will be no restrictions on state or interstate activities.  Prior to this, the Home Ministry of the Government of India would not have any restrictions on state or inter-state activities.  No one will need to get a separate permit to go anywhere in the country.  All must follow the instructions given at the national level.  Social distance must be maintained.  It is mandatory to maintain social distance between customers at stores.  These rules will be monitored by the Home Ministry.
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