VIDEO | Bharti Singh, who made everyone laugh, started crying in front of Sonu Sood, saying- I don’t want to be a mother now because

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Comedy queen Bharti Singh always makes people laugh a lot with her funny jokes and funny estimates, but something happened on the set of the reality show Dance Diwan on Colors Channel on Saturday that made Bharti Dhrusken cry.  Comedy queen Bharti Singh Dhrusken started crying and cried in front of Sonu Sood. Bharti Singh Bharti said that she will not become a mother anymore. At the same time Bharti cried and said that she does not want to become a mother.  Seeing Bharti crying like this, even Sonu Sood and Nora Fatehi, who were sitting on the judge’s chair, could not hold back their tears.

પૂરો વીડિયો જુઓ:
Sonu Sood arrived as a special guest on the set of Dance Diwan on Saturday.  Gold has helped thousands in times of crisis.  In the lockdown he has helped deliver many people to their homes.  So giving jobs to the unemployed, Sonu Sood has helped a lot of people through his foundation.  Many of the dance performances in Saturday’s episode featured the painful stories of Corona and her attachments.  One of the dance performances revealed how the youngest 2-month-old baby had a corona and could not be saved.  After the performance, Bharti became very emotional and then told her mother that she had lost her corona and how she was doing at the time.  Bharti said, “My mother was calling and crying that the uncle in front was no more.  I was afraid that I would not get a call somewhere.  This corona is broken from the inside.  Bharti became very emotional on stage and said that she did not know that even such small children are getting corona.  Bharti further said, “Sonu Bhai, we have been thinking of having a baby plan for a long time.  But thinking such things and thinking about this disease, I don’t want to talk because I don’t want to cry like this.  I am very strong.  
Everyone Keep laughing  But I am not strong enough to bear this pain (of losing a child).  I don’t dare talk to Harsh that we plan a baby.  Joinora Fatehi also started crying over Bharti’s condition.
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