IORA Gujarat Jamin Mapani Online

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IORA Gujarat Jamin Mapani Online Application:
The applicant will notify the requester by e-mail and SMS if he/she weighs In what cases will the deduction be deducted?

1) The estimated residence time on the site is postponed

2) The field is flooded and cannot be measured

3) There is no road to the farm

4) In the event of a breach of peace/order and order during the measurement

5) If there is a crop in the field that restricts the measurement period, e.g. If there is sugar cane, paddy, and jagra thick.

6) If the applicant does not show his / her personal belongings in the area.

IORA Gujarat Jamin Mapani Online Application 2022

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Form bharva mate : અહીં ક્લિક કરો.

Download / View Official Paripatra :

Online Mapni from:

After the measurement is done the applicant will receive an e-mail sheet within 30 days after which the applicant will be able to obtain a solid copy of the weighting sheet at a fixed fee. If the applicant is not satisfied with the rating, he or she may lodge an appeal within 6 months.

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